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Barry is a composer, arranger and performer. He is best known for his work with Olympic athletes, mostly gymnasts. Since 1978, he has worked with Olympic gymnasts from around the world, including the USA Gold Medal Atlanta Team and four of the US World Champions. He has composed for orchestra, piano, pipe organ, electronic instruments, jazz and rock ensembles, theater, film and video. Many of his most recent compositions are for Christian chamber ensembles.

Barry Nease Studio is a personal composing studio that embraces the leading edge of computer generated music while maintaining traditional production capabilities. From the beginning of his career, Barry has been fascinated by the virtual orchestra - much of the development at his studio has been to make the virtual orchestra a reality.

In 1988, Barry and Gail formed Floor Express Music to produce a catalog of music for gymnastics. Over 300 artists from around the world are presented. It is unique in its quality and variety.

Barry's studio is located near Frisco, Colorado - at 9100 feet above sea level - it is the home of High Altitude Records and High Altitude Publishing. He is married to Gail and they have 3 children. He often plays at the local Dillon Community Church and he is in his 37th season at the amazing ski area - Arapahoe Basin.

Contact: barry@barrynease.com